Temporary Site!

I’ve been rewriting the backend software for Ohiocatfishing.com for the six weeks I’ve been off work, but it’s not ready yet, and I really wanted to get something up and running quickly until I get the site finished.  So for now, I’m going with a simple wordpress blog so that I can post information and hold discussions with anybody who happens to stop by.

Unfortunately, I was using an open-source software package for the old site, and it was taken over by spammers.  I took it down to stop the spam bots, but with my recent health issues it has been difficult to get the reworked site up and running.  This time, I’m writing my own software to run the site so that I can customize it as I see fit, and not relying on other people to provide security updates for me.

With that said, many posts are coming very soon!  The lake catfish are in heavy spawn, and the fishing has been awesome!  Plus I’ve had the time to make a couple of road trips I want to share about and want to tell you how to prevent some of the pitfalls I’ve run into along my way.  Much more to come later tonight or earlier tomorrow.